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Bits and Pieces: Career Highs

Retire your jersey. Get your plaque. Have your banquet.

What's the deal? Bits and Pieces is an event for ideas caught in between the stages of development and performance. The pieces have to be 15 minutes or less.

We invite you to participate as a performer or an audience member. The performances will begin at 9, probably. If you want to perform, just let Katy or Sophia know when you arrive! If you have technical requirements that are outside of projector, sound, etc., message us! 

The point of Bits and Pieces is to commit an idea to performance before you forget about it, talk yourself out of it, or throw it away.

There will be no formal feedback/discussion after the performances. Please consider your audience and be intentional about your performances. The evening is not curated or moderated beforehand, so assume responsibility for the content of your piece.

There will be popcorn and booze--it will run out eventually, so feel free to bring your own. Also, bring friends!

************No sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism. This is a space of safety and respect; if you can't deal, leave*********

Message for address and accessibility info.