TMT 'MIDI Jazz Bass' Stream, Ad Hoc Video Series, Teen River Nite, 7" Homies

Well I laid it all out for you in the headline, there it is!

Tiny Mix Tapes wrote a nice 'n casual e-check list of all the things Potions gets right and streams 'MIDI Jazz Bass' in its entirety, here it is!

The first three songs off 'MIDI Jazz Bass' are sewn together into a suite that inspired video artist Dan Schippers to create a three-part video series.  Ad Hoc has been kind enough to premiere the three videos in three separate weeks, thanks Matt! Scope the first track Fire Ablaze, and the second track Fresh Fruit.  Third video for 'Robovo' coming next week.

And because I dig this poster make sure you check out Teen River Nite at the Empty Bottle on January 22nd, bizarre lineup but that aint unusual round these parts.  Headless Horse Head will open the night with a piece entitled Eternal Courtyard w/ projections from the talented overhead juggler Derek Weber.

And my favorite news today, 7"s from Vehicle Blues and Toupee OUT IN APRIL!  In it for life!!


Poster for the Potions record release at The Hideout, December 12th, 2013! Mega easy on the eyes, thanks to Kyle Drouin for banging this one out with quality as usual.  If you're like us and just can't believe there would only be one show for a record of such astoundingly smooth hang-out vibes then listen up! Ye ol' humble Club Rectum will be hosting another Potions soiree on Saturday December 14th where we will also be unveiling the first Lake Paradise brew made special with mash master Johnny DeHaan.  A hazey elixir of heavy dark malts, fresh hops, Kalamata figs and wild Monarda.  Record + brew deals for sure.  Also Potions will be releasing a whole Super Center of tapes by friends via his tape distro Pretty All Right, somewhere around 25 new tapes.  There will also be like 8 bands, so get ready to rage and celebrate the fact that there are like a million great musicians surrounding you in Chicago at any given time. 


Chicago deep house hunter Potions unveils a fuckin' masterpiece with us December 12th!  Volumes upon volumes of Potions cuts have been released on cassette but this debut 12" has been well worth the swimming.  Unparalleled vibes and sounds from this groove master, catch him around local parties in Chicago but definitely be sure to scope our record release at The Hideout, December 12th.  Locals J Fernandez and Deep Sleep open up the party!  In the meantime, here are two burners from 'MIDI Jazz Bass'!


08/26 MILWAUKEE, WI @ Chapter III
08/27 MINNEAPOLIS, MN @ The Hexagon
08/28 MINOT, ND @ Duff's
08/31 SEATTLE, WA @ Black Lodge's Bummershoot Fest
09/02 PORTLAND, OR @ The Know
09/03 SAN FRANCISCO, CA @ The Hemlock
09/05 LA @ Towne
09/06 LA @ Perhspace
09/08 ALBUQUERQUE, NM @ The Gold House
09/09 MARFA, TX @ Lost Horse Saloon
09/10 AUSTIN, TX @ 701 E. 53rd St. 
09/11 DENTON, TX @ House Show

09/12 KANSAS CITY, KS @ Minibar w/ Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk 

"Just Another Thing That Got Ruined is a tough record to review. Every comparison I come up with seems reductive, every descriptor a cop-out, and so I reach super-deep into the ol’ bag of tricks and the best I can come up with is… Detachment Kit and Ganglians gang-banging Fat History Month while Erode & Disappear and Capillary Action watch? I’m at a loss for wordz (the phrase ‘post-emo’ even popped up, though I redacted it; this parentheses doesn’t exist!), and thankful for the privilege. Mines keep a low profile, yet there’s seemingly nothing they can’t do. They’ve got guitar theatrics, full, rich, mahogany melodies, and the percussionist needed to link the sprawl together. And when they let-fly they go KABOOM when you least expect it, viciously leaping into throat-rippin’ riffs and speed-strumming Mogwai would be proud of. I get the creeping feeling the folks behind this have had fingers in other pies I’ve enjoyed, but I won’t speculate (such is the devil’s business). What I will do is guarantee most indie-rockers will be squarely in the ‘hell yes’ category when they let Just Another Thing That Got Ruined into their stolid routine. One-hundred sweet-looking pink copies, 200 black copies, all thick as a herdsman’s cock."
-Tiny Mix Tapes


 Lake Paradise is offering up cassette duplication services for cheap! 100 thirty minutes and under cassettes for $60! You supply the blank tapes. Over 30 minutes will be prorated, hit us up and we'll talk logistics, lakeparadiserecords@gmail.com.

A little bit about our duplication process:

We believe real-time dubbing is the way to go. STEREO WAV files are sent to our DIGI002 interface which has 8 outs and sends STEREO WAV files to our five high end, well maintained cassette decks. All done in real-time. We are constantly surveying the meters and their levels, while simultaneously scanning the previous dubs on a separate boombox to ensure quality of dub. The cassette decks used:

Luxman k-105
Nakamichi CR-1A
Technics RS-TR155

Obviously these are all different decks so the quality of the dubs will be a little different from deck to deck, but considering our price difference AND considering you're wanting people to listen to a CASSETTE TAPE, I'd say the slight inconsistency is worth your time and money. Hit us up!!


Mines debut LP "Just Another Thing That Got Ruined" is due June 4th, but stream the entire album NOW over at the Chicago Reader with an exclusive interview from hilario front man Bill Satek.


We're havin another party with good electronic zones. Quicksails droppin' an LP on Spectrum Spools, Night Terror has a new tape out on Living Tapes, Bitchin Bajas just popped out an LP with Permanent Records, Wildcats are gonna set off car alarms- it's a good time to be putting out music, lets chill and celebrate!!


A very limited edition of the new MINES record on cassette will be available at this show only!
All hand drawn and assembled at Lake Paradise.  Foot long due June 4th!

Animation by Jenna Caravello.

J Fernandez at The Whistler

Since the release of his 7" with us, J Fernandez arranged a live line-up that grooves hard! Scope the crafty, psychedelic guitar work that swims through moogie Stereolab wonderland tones, kaleidoscoping The Whistler into a hypnotic trance last Wednesday.

Projections by Jenna Caravello.