J Fernandez
No Luck/Fading Out 7"

There is strange dissonance resonating in the Chicago-based musician J Fernandez.  You might also find it strangely familiar. While his tunes catch you with their impeccable hooks, hypnotic grooves, warm tones, and crafty structures there lies subtle darkness in these songs.  Whether it comes from the woozy combo organs fighting frequencies or the bummer lyrics that leave you feeling hollow, Fernandez is grasping for something real.  While "nostalgia" is a comfortable word to describe these tunes, not all pop music has to fall into that blasé carefree zone.  In fact, that might undermine not only Fernandez's craft but also the amount of painfully, self-conscious awareness that makes his compositions so reflective and true.  They are personal tunes but ones crafted so well as to ring in our collective unconscious, instantly begging the question Where have I heard this before?  Edition of 200, jackets screen printed by J Fernandez.

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