Andrew Clinkman
The Joy of Cooking CS

Andrew Clinkman is the guitarist from the Boston based psycho jammer Cowboy Band and a true authority on Prefab Sprout. His tape "The Joy of Cooking" concerns his talent for solo guitar in two pieces that highlight not only how large of a vocabulary this young player has already developed but also his concern for timbre and the raw tones that guide his improvisations. Beautiful and curious chord voicings juxtaposed with mental-break-down solos, Clinkman turns guitar playing into a twisted game. In one second a delightful melodic expression will drop a listener on their dome as he rips away from homebase in a chunky, raw, concise clamber. Recorded acoustically to a Marantz 2track it is no wonder the timbre of his red Austin came out so warm and organic. A seriously new type of shredder, one that will make you reconsider the dustiest fret on the board.