BANAL ANML Misantropics CS


BANAL ANML Misantropics CS
October 3rd, 2017

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Chicago electronic craftsman KD Drouin, aka BANALANML, is almost unbelievable in his meticulousness on his latest release he is calling Misantropics.   This title really makes sense though.  It seems that one would almost have to avoid human society to a certain degree to put in the time to sculpt this 30 minute journey, yet there is no doubt Drouin is in his own paradise.  Drifting white noise that carries you further out into the sea with each tweak, oscillators with razor sharp precision warding off anyone that comes onto your island, a truly unbelievable amount of field recording samples that fill the spectrum of common environment sounds to keep you company when needed, and extremely choice filter usage which seem to express the sonic elements almost lyrically, as if he were singing to himself, alone and fine.  All of this stitched together through intricately written sequences that at times feel like an epic narrative but actually casually drift by, easy and free.   But what really brings Drouin's songs to life, though, are the bizarre and wild sonic antics throughout this 30 minute whirlwind- cats, doors shutting, bong rips, half-assed office room clapping, comedic one liners, marching bands, nozzles, twigs, rope- basically the entire collection of sonic bric-a-brac used as shiny, opulent ornaments.  Which make this record rich AF.  These are electronic trinkets that come from someone who has spent an inordinate amount of time fine-tuning the small stuff.  Drouin’s apparent curiosity really makes him a true searcher. Which island will he drift up to next?  I recall seeing BANAL ANML at Murkfest in Pilsen this year.  After his jam-packed set in which he sonically vacuumed the room into a mass of speechless spectators, I went up and ask him How many sounds do you think you used? All of them he said!  

This tape is limited and KD is going to Europe Oct4th for a couple weeks tour.  He is taking a significant amount of copies, so pre-order is up.  Edition of 100. The artwork was done by our fav, Andy Burkholder.


10/10  Besacon, France
10/11 Paris, France         
10/12 Bordeux, France
10/13 Toulouse, France
10/14 Marseille, France
10/19 Lisbon, Portugal
10/21 Vienna, Austria