Fran More Enough CS


Fran More Enough CS

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Im drawn to windows. I approach them several times a day with the clear intention to better understand how I feel about a feeling.  I look down upon the outside environment hoping that somehow this framed setting will transport me to a place outside my body and mind, so I might be able to look back up at myself to view that feeling from a distance.  It takes time to become removed, a lot of time.  Sometimes Im not sure if I've ever looked back up at myself at all. It's good then that we have Chicago songwriter Maria Jacobson who writes songs with her band Fran which guide us with similar effects.  Every time the song ‘I Know’ off her up and coming debut album More Enough plays through my speakers I gain a certain amount of imperceivable insight into myself, which is helping with my casual window addiction. What more can I ask for from music?  Jacbson’s voice is elemental in her songs.  Her ability to deliver an impressive range of dynamics give these songs real narrative power, they will hook you on first listen and provide an empathy you weren't aware you needed.  More Enough is hardly just a set of five well-crafted pop tunes, these are musical narratives from a fresh, promising voice that are seemingly working deeper down.  If time were a medical condition More Enough is there helping you help you.
Limited edition of 100 cassettes, photos by Tony Duvall, digitals over at bandcamp.