LAKE PARADISE hooks up with SOPHOMORE LOUNGE to bring you the much anticipated full-length album from Chicago's Wishgift.  It's been a minute since their 2011 Folk Twain EP gouged our eyes out of their sockets but we have since popped them back in and are basically ready to gouged out whatever else we can. 7 brand new tracks PLUS 2 bonus tracks that will be available on a cassingle when you pre-order Wishgift's "Wishgift".  It will make year end wish lists, it's on most wedding registries, goes great at an 11yo bday get down, look for it in the basement with the lights off, ask for a background check and you'll notice most captchas are now WISHGIFT.  FULL ALBUM RELEASE DATE FEBRUARY 18TH 2017.



BABY BIRDS DON'T DRINK MILK 'DROOPY MCCOOL' CS NOW AVAILABLE FROM LAKE PARADISE RECORDS>> IF YOU SAW THEIR SET AT ROCKTOBERFEST 2016 YOU WERE RIPPED APART AND PROBABLY AREN'T WITH US > REST IN SPACE PIECES >> FOR EVERYONE ELSE >>>>> Droopy McCool is the newest set of dome drone standards from NYC head-tilters BABY BIRDS DON'T DRINK MILK. Imagine- roaming an abandon space station inhabited by one lost and raving creature, DROOPY MCCOOL. You enter a compression chamber. For several minutes you endure endless whirring. The growing, sharp smell of acid makes you faint. A blast from far away awakens you. Surrounded in nauseatingly fluorescent corridor light, a faceless floating figure hovers above you with paralyzing apprehension, sending you into hypnosis. You follow it down endless corridors, floating for hours, days. Infinite rusted unmarked doors, the air becomes more and more dull, a shoe floats by, perpetual uncertainty. Dire terror cementing you to a new reality minute by minute, second by second, you are trapped spinning in the chapel of unending drone.


So happy to finally share this new Lake Paradise release with the world- Flux Bikes/Sueñolas Split Double Cassette! Edition of 100, risograph printed jcards. The Sueñolas tape is incredible Sunday vibes, soak it up!

A split double cassette directed by multi-instrumentalist and bicycle-enthusiast Rob Frye. While the Flux Bikes tape explores the melodic and hypnotic realms of poly-rhythms extracted from bicycle wheel, flute and electronics, the Sueñolas tape paints old-world pastoral impressions with help from guitarist Bill MacKay and violist Whitney Johnson. Edition of 100 with riso printed jcards. 

Flux Bikes rotates around the idea of bicycle wheels as percussion instruments, incorporating West African rhythms, electro-acoustic techniques, and improvisation. 

"Rob Frye is known as an multi-instrumentalist for Chicago groups such as CAVE and Bitchin’ Bajas. He has been a constant presence in Chicago’s underground scene, specifically with improvisational ensembles. The collective El is the Sound of Joy was a constant figure in the noise underground, and eventually gained some notoriety in jazz circles. A constant collaborator, Rob is able to give a unique voice in a variety of different kinds of ensembles, playing with poly-rhythms and sounds in his bicycle-based project Flux Bikes, experimenting with improvisational devices in Exoplanet, or exploring textures in Bitchin’ Bajas, Frye stands out, and we’re honored to have him this month. He’s joined by a cast of talented friends including Dan Bitney (Tortoise), Ben Lamar Gay (AACM), and many more." -Hideout Inn, Chicago, IL

Rob Frye has gained notoriety over the last couple of years for the malleable approach to musical hypnosis and melodic beauty he’s brought to bothBitchin Bajas and Cave, but the weekly February residency at the Hideout that begins tonight will show there’s more to his aesthetic. Perhaps nothing demonstrates his ideals better than his project Flux Bikes, which he refers to as a “social practice.” Until recently I knew that this venture generated certain sounds by using contact mikes to amplify different bicycles parts as percussion, but I never knew how integral the bike was. Frye designs each performance as a kind of sustainable ritual by first riding to the show and then turning the bike into an instrument. The practice has extended well beyond Chicago, as he’s toured on wheels throughout Spain and between Austin and New Orleans—during which he was outfitted with a solar-powered sound system. This makes for a lovely backstory, but the music Frye creates in this manner measures up to the method. As heard on his 2014 cassette Prototype (Catholic Tapes), directed by a keen sense of dynamics, he builds mesmerizing percussive grooves that convey a strangely enveloping warmth akin to West African music, with passages of flute, saxophone, bass clarinet, and guitar beautifully floating over the loops. For this performance Frye will be joined by percussionist Dan Bitney of Tortoise fame, and Kyle Drouin will deliver abstract video accompaniment." 
— Peter Margasak