BABY BIRDS DON'T DRINK MILK 'DROOPY MCCOOL' CS NOW AVAILABLE FROM LAKE PARADISE RECORDS>> IF YOU SAW THEIR SET AT ROCKTOBERFEST 2016 YOU WERE RIPPED APART AND PROBABLY AREN'T WITH US > REST IN SPACE PIECES >> FOR EVERYONE ELSE >>>>> Droopy McCool is the newest set of dome drone standards from NYC head-tilters BABY BIRDS DON'T DRINK MILK. Imagine- roaming an abandon space station inhabited by one lost and raving creature, DROOPY MCCOOL. You enter a compression chamber. For several minutes you endure endless whirring. The growing, sharp smell of acid makes you faint. A blast from far away awakens you. Surrounded in nauseatingly fluorescent corridor light, a faceless floating figure hovers above you with paralyzing apprehension, sending you into hypnosis. You follow it down endless corridors, floating for hours, days. Infinite rusted unmarked doors, the air becomes more and more dull, a shoe floats by, perpetual uncertainty. Dire terror cementing you to a new reality minute by minute, second by second, you are trapped spinning in the chapel of unending drone.