LP003 - POTIONS 'MIDI Jazz Bass' 12" LP

Chicago deep house hunter Potions unveils his brilliant album 'MIDI Jazz Bass' on 12"!  Volumes upon volumes of Potions cuts have been released on cassette over the past couple years but this debut wax has been well worth the swimming. Unparalleled vibes and sounds from this mysteriously dreamy groove master.  

"The one-man outfit of Roland Potions is new but already attracting notice via his "Odd Notions" cassette (issued on Pretty All Right in July). Each side has a few short songs, but it's the one long composition, which broaches the 20-minute mark, that lets you really get lost in Potions' hypnotic, instrumental sound. There is a timelessness to Potions' sound — the sprawling synth-scapes that recall early '80s film scores, but also incorporate haunting loops of sound that draw from traditional Jamaican dub, as well as the work of contemporary German ambient composers. The beats are infrequent, and tend to creep up quietly when they do appear. Songs like "Trombone Yard" start from a short phrase played on a keyboard, which repeats throughout the 19-minute track, while the song continues to expand, growing new, seemingly infinite lines of melody. Potions' sound hits so many sweet spots that his work is drawing fans of modern composition, retro psychedelia, '80s underground and those who are serious about experimental music."  --Jessica Hopper, Special to the Chicago Tribune

"The music comes from the middle of America but it aims for the middle of space. Cosmic Fidelity (Lillerne Tapes) is the latest album from Chicago’s Potions and his “one man and a synth” approach to composition is at a peak on this release. The chord clusters and warm fluttering tone whirls make us plain feel good. The final cut is titled “Optimistic Goodbye” and while that could be taken as one spaceman’s death note, we think of it as a big smiley face staring into the clouds before a 2001-esque odyssey. Potions’ music is simple on the surface, but what makes it successful is the dynamics and pacing employed one what could’ve been one dude wanking his keys. Instead we are treated to a real trip into the heavens." --International Tapes