LP002 - MINES Just Another Thing That Got Ruined 180g 12" LP

MINES has been blasting the Chicago underground with a powerful and enigmatic force for years. While the groups lineup is otherwise evolving, every basement, warehouse, loft you turn there is front man Bill Satek, with his 500 lbs Twin Reverb either ripping thin air with his scorching guitar licks or crooning witty lyrics at audiences so smoothly you thought you'd already bought the record.  This doozy of an long player is out now and PACKED to the brim with the most beautiful, manic, raw messes you'll rip through this year. There are descriptors to possibly capture moments in these songs but "JUST ANOTHER THINGS THAT GOT RUINED" doesn't sit well in the confines of one style or feeling. For instance, the album's opener " Died A Prisoner" is a heavy shoegaze groove that builds up to "Mom 'N' Pop Milita", where unexpected staccato bass and fragmented piano licks draw a circus theme that eventually peaks as Satek melodically yells "BIG GIRLS CRY" over and over. Then theres songs like "Parting Partly Party" that cast mandolins, guitar feedback, pianos, a steady groove and a long string of witty one-liners into a bizarre monologue about the perils of being inside one's head. "So Long, Kid" is an introspective guitar tone drone that quite literally feels like watching someone walk away, slowed down 8000%- intense mood setting! "Hypovercritical" rages the bar: repetitive, quick n catchy punk riffs (a la Brainbombs, Ramones) culminate into a scorching mental breakdown about not being able to sleep. Your ears will be burning and you might not feel 'good', but it's so raw, real and catchy you'll no doubt burn again. Then theres the curious case of the track "Bad is the Old Better", which is quite the structural anomaly. Invoking the chill temperament of Brian Wilson and the zany genius of Frank Zappa, Satek creates a dreamy piano and guitar tapestry that lazes in and out of watery consciousness. Eventually the track builds into a lively calypso groove lead by Satek's signature guitar style of quirky flare and awesome precision; guitar licks bounce and dance between stereo speakers while his soaring, gritty vocals taking the lead, crooning you back into a new dream state: You find yourself on an island helplessly confused but wonderfully comfortable drinking Mai Tais wondering what happened wait what just happened, what happened just there?